"They are artists."

Překlad:Oni jsou umělci.

August 1, 2015

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Tato diskuse je zamčená.


Proč nemůžu říct ze jsou artisti, to se taky použiva


Myslite cirkusove artisty? Takhle by nikdo nerozumel te puvodni vete bez dalsiho vysvletovani.


Why is it oni instead of ony? I thought the options were Ono, ona, and ony, and they apply to a specific gender.


We accept ONI ONY ONA. Plural personal pronouns. ONO is singular, one of the ways of saying IT. And just like IT ARE ARTISTS, it fails. You could say, and we accept, TO JSOU UMĚLCI, in which the TO is the other Czech IT, except this TO is incredibly flexible and can mean HE SHE IT THEY THIS THAT THESE THOSE when used as a standalone pronoun.


That's a very interesting combination of uses. Thanks for the explanation. How do those on the receiving end know which one you mean (whether you're talking about he, she, it, they, this, that, these, and those) with that kind of ambiguity?


The rest of the sentence tells you what you were talking about.

To jsou umělci = 'jsou' suggests it is plural, because singular would be 'je' and 'umělci' apart from suggesting plural as well also suggest it is them. Either a group of male artists or a mixed gender one. If you meant to say 'They are artists' and meant a group of women it would be "To jsou umělkyně' In singular it goes "To je umělec" a male artist and "To je umělkyně' a female artist. Piece of cake.


Proč nemohu říct Oni jsou herci?


pro "actors" by to i šlo, ale "artists" jsou herci asi tak jako "birds" jsou vrabci.


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