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Ukrainian course

Hello everyone, So I'm pretty new to duolingo and thus not sure if it's proper place to do so, but I already wanted to share my thought on the Ukrainian course I took up. Please correct me in case my point is inaccurate or has been mentioned before. So, while doing exercises I noticed that there's so much more Ukrainian--->English translating that the other way round that it becomes boring quite quickly and doesn't provide much possibility to practice writing in Ukrainian. Also, words fall in memory best when remembered and typed in so I would really love to translate English into Ukrainian more than opposite. What do you guys think.

August 2, 2015



If you want more translating the other way around do the reverse tree, Ukrainian --> English.


What I do for all my tress are, after I make the Ukrainian(Target language)---English translation, I close my eyes and try to do the English---Ukrainian. Duolingo is not perfect, but if you're serious about learning, there are ways around it.


What app can I use to download a Ukrainian keypad?


You mean, install a keyboard? I think, any will do. PCs and most modern tablets/phones have a wide section of languages and keyboard layouts available. The exact method of installing the keyboard depends on what device you have but it should be rather easy for any.


Yeah I got it thanks

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