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  5. "Mhothaigh siad."

"Mhothaigh siad."

Translation:They felt.

August 2, 2015



Would this be used of physical feelings or emotional - mhothaigh siad an fuacht, or mhothaigh siad grá?(I am sure there are better ways to express this.)


The audio has gotten very sparse.


The original meaning was sense as in become aware through touch, hearing, changes in temperature etc and has expanded to the emotional


How do I differentiate "felt" as in the feeling, and "felt" as in the fabric?


With a dictionary. ;*) “Felt” as in the feeling is the past tense of the verb “feel” (e.g. mhothaigh), and “felt” as in the fabric is either a noun (feilt ) or the present tense of the verb “felt” (e.g. feiltíonn).

Given the lack of any context, two possible valid translations exist for this exercise, so both mhothaigh siad and feiltíonn siad should be accepted.


How must I say "They feel"?


Use the present: "mothaíonn siad" (they "usually" feel)

They are feeling: "tá siad ag mothú"

They were feeling: "bhí siad ag mothú"

They will feel: "mothóidh siad"

They used to feel: mhothaídís or mhothaíodh siad

They would feel: mhothóidís or mhothódh siad

It is felt: mothaítear

It was felt: mothaíodh

See http://www.teanglann.ie/en/gram/mothaigh for all the grammatical forms of any Irish word

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