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new modules

are there any plans to extend or add new modules? ive really enjoyed the turkish course and would love for there to be more

August 2, 2015



Yes, I have read about plans for a second version of the Turkish tree.

I don't know what the timeline for this is, though.

Once you've finished the Turkish tree, you could try doing the reverse one (learning English for people who speak Turkish)! It's pretty tough, I think, and gives you a much wider vocabulary.


I don't know, but just when I did not expect them to add to any course, there were additions made to the French course, so I would not say they won't.


I would really love to have the immersion module added. It would really help me out learning, and plus, isn't that how duolingo makes their money? somehow? It seem an awesome win-win to me.

However, last I heard (on one of the threads a long while back), there was no plans to add the immersion feature. I'm pretty disappointed :(


It's how Duolingo used to make their money but I think they have moved away from that. I think they're running mostly on grant money now (for studying language learning methods).

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