"My cousin read this."

Translation:Моя двоюрідна сестра читала це.

August 2, 2015

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Since the English didn't specify whether "cousin" was male or female, I opted for "Моя двоюрідна сестра читала це." However, it was marked as incorrect with the correction, "Мій двоюрідний брат читав це." Am I missing something?


On mine, I'm seeing the feminine version as the answer, not the male version, so it should accept it


Hummmm? For the past few weeks, whenever the subject being translated from English into Ukrainian can go either way (This also applies to my opting for either Ти or Ви as well), the alternate will trump my selection. It's possible that there might be typos in my answers that automatically trigger the default i.e. Duolingo answer. I'll start monitoring these events more diligently. Thanks for your reply. Happy New Year!


Моя двоюрідна сестра це читала, is not wrong, is it? It marked me wrong


Намагайтесь зберігати оригінальний порядок слів у реченні. Don't change the order of words of sentences if there is no need. It's one of main rules of Duolingo.


Is this rule for Ukrainian? Because Duolingo breaks this rule in Polish, which is very similar to Ukrainian. The very next reply on a comment I received was for this exercise:

"He promised that he was not going anywhere."

The translation was,

On obiecał, że nigdzie nie idzie.

The word order here was changed.


This rule is true for Ukrainian and Russian courses, as I know. Але у чимало яких випадках перестановка слів всеж допускається.


Lol I'm a native speaker and Duolingo says I'm wrong because I changed the word order though Ukainian doesn't even have a constant word order


my cousin was reading this??)


Your version is better because the imperfective aspect читала was used, as opposed to the perfective прочитала which means "My cousin read [and finished] it."

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