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following active members

I would like to have the option of searching for recently active members when I go to the "follow people" section. As it is now, many people in the listings have not been active for a while which makes it less fun to follow them.

December 31, 2012



Yes, something needs to be done. I don't have access to that anymore as I'm one of the ones on the new layout. But, even with that old system I could never find anyone with a low number of points like me who was still learning. That's back when I was just beginning and had about 300 points.

Now that I have more points, I can't find any way of searching through lists of other learners at all in the new layout.


I miss the old system for that reason. A way i have to find active members is to read the discussions such as this one. Active members are doing lessons but also commenting a lot on Duolingo. Another way is to check the friends of the active members you already have and look for their stream to see if they are still active. These are pretty old school and maybe not very original or dazzling ideas but are the best ways i have found. I wish there could be a more efficient way to do it or even a global leaderboard for each language or all duolingo. In that leaderboard privacy and security options could be considered for those members who wish to have their learning private.


Reading people's comments in discussions is also my way for deciding who I will follow. I don't use the "Follow people" tab, because I don't know anything about them or how they are selected.

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