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"У мене є маленька студія у Києві."

Translation:I have a small studio in Kyiv.

August 2, 2015



Kiev is how we write the capital of Ukraine in English. You can dictate how you write it in Ukrainian but you shall dictate to us how we spell Kiev in English. We write Moscow in English and not Moskva. Rome and not Roma, Prague and not Praha, Warsaw and not Warszawa. You can write any American city in Ukrainian any way you please and none of us will object. Is this beginning to sink in ?


Why Kyiv? We don't write like that.


I think if we are here to learn UA, we are also here to learn their culture. Ukraine has been deeply hurt by Russia. Why should Ukraine accept the Russian transliteration of their city? Sure most write Kiev in English speaking countries, but not all. There is a gradual change. I very much understand why the moderators have not givin in on this one.


I just wish Duolingo would accept all spelling variations of this. It can always suggest proper spellings as an alternate if someone uses one of the others. That alone would drive many to read about the history of the different spellings.

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