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  5. "Öğretmen açıklama yapıyor."

"Öğretmen açıklama yapıyor."

Translation:The teacher is giving an explanation.

August 2, 2015



"Öğretmen acıklama yapıyor. - The teacher is making an explanation." I'm not sure what this means. Is she preparing an explanation or is she explaining something? "Making an explanation" is making a confusion in me. Somebody please explain, thanks.


I agree and replaced it with "the teacher is giving an explanation" as the best translation. Thanks for the heads up...sometimes things slip by :)


Öğretmen açıklama veriyor/yapıyor. Can you explain why one and not the other.


Yet, when I hover the mouse over the Turkish words it suggest that I should write "The teacher is making a statement" which is not accepted. Just to know about it.


It was just something leftover from long ago. It is updated now :)


does it also mean "The teacher is explaining" ? If not, then how can we say that ?


In meaning, they are the same. But if we're being picky, I believe we would need present continuous:

The teacher is explaining = Öğretmen açıklıyor


Why isn't 'açıklama' in the accusative? I'm confused.


For me it was the same question. Now I think it is 'an explanation' not 'the explanation'. So it is a general direct object (not a specific one) which doesn't take the accusative suffix.


When i hover over açiklama it says 'explination' instead of 'explanation'. Just a little error I wanted to point out :)


"Açıklama" seems to mean both statement (as in a press statement) and explanation, right?


In the tips you say "explination".


Does this mean the teacher is explaining qhy he didnt turn up to class last time (making excuses?) or that he is explaining something about his subject?


I guess it is the second one, as Alex is writing above: 'The teacher is giving an explanation' would be the best translation.

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