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  5. "Ele come um bife."

"Ele come um bife."

Translation:He eats a steak.

October 20, 2013



What is the difference between a beef and a steak? I wrote: She eats a beef; and duolingo said it was wrong.


bife = steak. carne de vaca(boi) = beef. carne vermelha = red meat.


And "Ele come carne de vaca" would be "She eats beef", not "She eats a beef". Just like "She eats meat" and not "She eats a meat".


Actually, just to be really clear here, "Ele" is "he" not "she" which I know because I make this mistake all the time. ALL the time. It is too close to the women's name, "Elle" for me.

In Portugal, "bife" means steak of any kind including vegetables cut thick and grilled. And bovino for beef meat (vaca for the live cow) I believe (but I am not positive because I do not eat it).


In England, we would just say "he eats steak", we wouldn't say 'a' steak.


Lol i wrote "He eats a 'stake' "

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