"I am drinking hot chocolate."

Translation:Jeg drikker varm sjokolade.

August 2, 2015

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can chocolate also be translated by "Kakao"?


Kakao is used for only the hot chocolate drink, and not for prepared chocolate as in chocolate bars, correct? (I understand it might also be listed as a raw ingredient in either, much as 'cacao' is in English).

I actually answered Jeg drikker varm kakao here, and it was rejected.


(Not expecting a definitive answer to this, but interested in peoples' views!) I tried Jeg drikker varmsjokolade but Duo said I'd missed a space. Yet, previous guesses of mine and my study partner (eg undertekster for subtitles and selvlært for self-taught) are apparently correct. Is it entirely random how nordmenn decide which words to crash together into portmanteau words? How well-established are these portmanteau words, or do more of them pop up all the time?


How about Jeg drikker sjokolad varmt?

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