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  5. "Je suis malade."

"Je suis malade."

Translation:I am sick.

October 20, 2013



"Je suis malad" is incorrect?


Yes malade takes a "e" (in both masc. and fem. forms).


For most of the previous lessons we have used 'Fair' for things that happen, e.g je fait beau. Now, which is more logical, we have moved to ' etre'. Je suis etc, is there an explanation for this?

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The verb "faire" is used when talking about the weather, for example, "il fait beau aujourd'hui", where "il" is impersonal representing "it" (the weather). It is not relevant when speaking about a person in this sense: je suis malade (I am sick/ill/unwell/poorly) vs. Je me sens malade (I feel sick/unwell/ill/poorly).

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