"De bo her."

Translation:They need to live here.

August 2, 2015



Can this sentence also mean "this must be the place where they live"?


I think that would be a bit too much of a stretch here, though it could work in the sense of "This has to be the place where they live... or I'm giving up looking for it". You'd have to stress 'må' heavily when saying it, and be in a situation where that made sense - it's not something that'd come across well in writing.

Something like "Det må være her de bor." or "Dette må være huset deres." would be more fitting as a general statement. :)


I tried "they have to live here"... Not accepted. 18Feb18


very strange, as må usually means must or have to or have got to


It's accepted on our end. Must have been a bug or a typo.


Why is must or må used as need to in this sentence? It is very confusing


"Må" carrys both the meanings of must out of necessity, and must out of obligation. You do see the same double role in English also. "You need to" can be used both for showing necessity and obligation.


Why now må means need when more often it means have to?


The closest translation of to English is must, but it often sounds stilted/archaic in contemporary English, e.g., "I must eat breakfast."
Instead, many English speakers use the phrases, have to and need to, "I have to eat breakfast./I need to eat breakfast."

I hope that helps! :0)


What is the difference between må and trenger?


Må = must; trenger = need


It accepts "they must live here." Does this carry the same connotation as "This is their house, I guess," as it does in english? Thanks!


Good question! So 'they must live here' in the sense that 'this must be their house'...


why not they have to live here


"They have to live here," is also one of the accepted translations.


No matter how many times I replay this audio, it sounds like she says "Vi", not "De". I mean, to my ears it's not even close. To my ears it's quite clearly "Vi". The slow version sounds fine ("De"), but not the regular speed. Are my ears really that messed up?


I quite often struggle to hear the difference between 'vi' and 'de' (usually 'de' masquerading as 'vi', as here) and have to listen to turtle speed to get it right.

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