" óstán i mo cheantar."

Translation:There is a hotel in my area.

August 2, 2015



A bit frustrating to be marked incorrect for using '...an hotel...' In a previous question I was incorrect for using '...a honest person...'

August 2, 2015


Do you pronounce the H in “honest”? (I know that the H in “hotel” isn’t universally pronounced.)

August 3, 2015


Personally, no. Admittedly I hadn't realised that the rules surrounding the use of a/an before h/u are based on pronunciation rather than any strict rule. I had previously thought one would write 'a honest' but say 'an honest'. I'm learning as much English here as Irish!

August 3, 2015


West Coast American here. I pronounce the H in hotel, but not in honest. I never thought about it before. Wow, English is weird.

And it would be "an honest person" but "a hotel." General rule of thumb, use A with an aspirated H, and AN with a non-aspirated H.

June 28, 2019


Would "there is a hotel near me" work as well?

February 8, 2017


i mo cheantar is quite specifically "in my area/district", and while things that are "in your area" are "near you", i mo ceantar doesn't mean "near me".

in aice le is one way to say "near", but tá ostán in aice liom suggests to me that you are standing right next to the hotel, not 5 minutes walk from it, but I would use Tá óstán in aice láimhe to say "There is a hotel nearby".

February 8, 2017


Ceantar also means 'district'. It should be accepted.

February 1, 2018
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