"Eu escuto porque você fala."

Translation:I listen because you speak.

October 20, 2013

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Logical exchange..


This is a word for word translation, which is accurate from Portuguese to English, but for more proper English , I would say ... you are speaking. Of course that would change the Portuguese to. ... está falando. I'm just trying to say that word for word is not always the best translation.


"I hear because you speak" should be accepted, right?


hmmm... for me "hear" has a sense of "ouvir", not "escutar". Ouvir and Escutar are different, as well as Hear and Listen.


I got confused about this sentence because in English you usually say: listen "to" someone/something. The use of the verb "listen" by itself can be found in imperatives, for example. Also, Duolingo translates "escuto" as both "listen" and "hear" but the latter one is not right.


"Listen" is an intransitive verb in this sentence, so the preposition "to" is not needed. Paulenrique's point above is also valid, in my opinion.

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    "I listen SINCE you talk" is marked wrong


    couldn't it also be translated as "I hear why you talk" in the mening I hear/understand the reason you are talking?


    por que (why), porque (because) and por quê (that's why), porquê (reason)

    Except in Portuguese outside of Brazil there are only two, both just one word: Porque without the accent, and Porquê with.

    Still escutar makes more sense as listen while ouvir makes more sense as hear, so porque makes the most sense as because.


    As far as I know, you would need to use 'por que' for the 'why' part in place of 'porque'.


    How about I listen because you talk?

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