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  5. "Eso es un bolígrafo."

"Eso es un bolígrafo."

Translation:That is a pen.

December 31, 2012



In my opinion, ballpen is the more precise translation; pen is a more general expression


I wrote 'that is a ballpen' and it was deemed wrong!


boligrafo? another word I never saw before. how common is it to say "boligrafo" instead of pluma? or is this "pen" in the ... the thing animals go in?


My Peruvian teacher uses this word as well as "la pluma."


Why is "Eso" used when the gender of the object is known? If we know that un bolígrafo is masculine, why don't we use Ese? The description of the terms at the beginning of the lesson says to use “eso” when the gender of the object is unknown. If someone could help me out with this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Mark.


Eso in this context is a pronoun. If it was Ese boliografo as an adjective that would be right.


I get very confused between ese/eso and este/esto. Is it just that when it ends in o it's a pronoun and when it ends in e it's a preposition?


Am I the only one who heard "Queso es un bolígrafo"?

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