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  5. "They write us a book."

"They write us a book."

Translation:Eles nos escrevem um livro.

October 20, 2013



It can also be "Eles escrevem um livro a nós".


or "para nós" (more natural in Brazil).


Duolingo also accepted "Eles escrevem-nos um livro."


It is truly essential to write "eles"?


Grammatically, no. But it sounds a bit weird, and leaves people thinking about the gender of the subject.

[deactivated user]

    So, you could do "Eles nos escrevem um livro", "Eles escrevem-nos um livro" or "Eles escrevem um livro para nós", is that correct?


    Yes, all of them are correct!


    I noticed that nos doesn't have an accent here. What is the rule for that?


    Nós = we

    Nos = us, in/at/on the


    Concordo ta escrito errado para português seria Eles escrevem um livro


    I put in 'eles escrevem nos um livro' and it marks it as correct, but with a typo in 'escrevem'. I can't find the typo, but is my sentence still correct?


    Hello Vam! The correct form is "escrevem-nos". That should be the typo. The hyphenation occurs when you add a pronoun as a suffix in the end of a verb.


    I didn't know that. Got lucky not to lose a heart there :-) Thanks!


    'They write us a book' sounds weird to me as a native British English speaker.
    'They are writing a book for us' would make sense - books take too long to write for the simple present, and I need the preposition 'for' 'They wrote a book for us' and 'they will write a book for us' would work too. 'They gave us a book' would be fine, but again, in the present I would want the present continuous 'they are sending us a book', because it takes too long for the simple present tense

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