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  5. "Ist dein Alltag stressig?"

"Ist dein Alltag stressig?"

Translation:Is your daily grind stressful?

December 31, 2012



I typed "Is your weekday stressful?" for my translation, as Duolingo told me that 'Alltag' translates to weekday, amongst other things... I think that 'Alltag' better translates to 'everyday life'? If so, 'weekday' should possibly be removed from Duolingo's translations of this word, or at least made to be an acceptable answer? I've submitted this as a problem.


It's not a problem. Don't just translate word by word; translate the whole sentence. Think about the context.

Alltag can translate to weekday (although a native german speaker may correct me on that), but not in this context. No one would ever say "Is your weekday stressful". That doesn't really mean anything. People would either say "Was your day stressful" or "Are your weekdays stressful".

In this case, as per the german sentence, "Is your [daily] routine stressful" or the translation Duo offered "Is your daily grind stressful" work just fine, whereas "Is your weekday stressful" doesn't work at all. But that doesn't mean Alltag can't translate to weekday elsewhere.


To be fair, sometimes duolingo has answers that don't seem very natural.


Sometimes idiomatic translations better reflect the mind of the original writer or speaker. Even Duo cant always know all possibilities but they do credit very often something you might think a bit creative but more what you might have actually said. Just load up some extra hearts


This problem still exists, even though you reported it a month ago. FYI, I reported it again, so let's hope they fix this. "weekday" is the first hint they provide, yet they don't allow it.


Daily grind!? What? alltag is either daily routine/routine or schedule... Where did the daily grind come from. I dont even use that expression in english/


I have a dude, if occurs in all languajes or only in my spanish: I typed Is stressful your daily routine? and i was wrong, but what i mean is, according to the given answer, shouldt be in english, german, and many other languages first the qualifier adjetive? See the diference: 1. Is your daily grind stressful? "Daily grind stressful is something, but doesnt how is my daily routine. 2. Is stressful your daily grind? "stressful" defines something (The mood complement (Complemento circunstancial de MODO, in spanish) and this something is "Daily ground".

For those that study Computer science, mathematical sets or something similar, will see that the above examples include different clauses, which have really different meanings. Hope you all understand. :)


In English, many of our sentence structures are formed SV-O or SV-A, that is, Subject, Verb, Object/Adjective. "Is stressful your daily routine" would be completely backwards, and doesn't make sense. It is all well and good that other languages may be different, but the answer is, "Is your daily routine stressful?" And that is the only answer.


how about " is your daily routine stressing?"


It needs to be stressful. I know stressing is a word, but it seems rather informal. Hope this helps :)

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