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  5. "Stykke for stykke"

"Stykke for stykke"

Translation:Piece by piece

August 3, 2015



You beat me to it. Great minds think alike.


And I thought I was the only metalhead on here xD You're the man, Bojan! Takk for det!


Whats the difference between stykke and bit? :\


They're often interchangeable, but there are some differences:

"Stykke" can be used as a measure of length:

"It's only a little bit further to go."
"Det er bare [litt/et lite stykke] lengre å gå.

"Stykke" is also used when talking about the kind of pieces which are intentionally sliced up and passed out, not expected to ever form a whole again, such as a piece of cake or pizza.

"Bit" is both used in a general sense, and to refer to a "bite of food". For example, you may ask someone for "en bit" of whatever they're eating if you just want a taste of it.

For game pieces we use "(spille)brikker"


So would I use 'en bit' to refer to 'a puzzle piece'?


That would be "en (puslespill)brikke".


I was not able to say it - 20 tries and it only accepted the "stykke for"... I think if you repeat a word that had been said, it will not count as the second... usually not a problem, but here it is not "enough correct" to pass me on...


it only accepts the "stykke for"...


It only accepts "stykke for.." Will not accept the second stykke.


Is how I'll let go of you...

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