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Georgian lesson: Possessive pronouns

Today we'll talk about Georgian possessive pronouns :) Here they are:

ჩემი (Chemi)-My/mine

შენი (Sheni)-Your/yours

მისი (Misi)-His/her/hers/its

ჩვენი (Chveni)-our/ours

თქვენი (Tqveni)-Your/yours

მათი (Mati)-their/theirs

Let's now see the examples:

ჩემი წიგნი (Chemi ts'igni)-My book.

წიგნი ჩემია (Ts'igni chemia)-the book is mine. (Don't think that ჩემია (Chemia) is equivalent of "mine", Georgian doesn't have this kind of possessive forms. In fact the suffix ა (A) indicates the presence of the verb ყოფნა (Kh'opna)-to be, we can say it's shortened form of არის (Aris)-is, so if we write sentence as an original, without shortening, it will be წიგნი ჩემი არის (Ts'igni chemi aris)-the book is mine. Georgians often use suffix ა (A) and shorten the word არის (Aris)-is, and the other important rule is that when adding suffix ა (A) (Shortened არის (Aris)) to the noun, it turns into the verb, for example, ჩემი (Chemi)-my/mine is a possessive pronoun, but ჩემია (Chemia) is a verb :) Also, ხე (Khe)-tree, is a noun, but ხეა (Khea) is a verb, meaning "it's a tree".

Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading :)

Link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

August 3, 2015



Thanks for making these!


You're welcome! :)


Thanks althought I don't learn this language


haha you're welcome :) It is okay.

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