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"Sechs Gruppen kommen um eins."

Translation:Six groups are coming at one.

December 31, 2012



what's the meaning? If it refers to time, I'd expect "Uhr" or else to inicate time


The preposition "um" and a number... indicates always the hour, as far as I know, when you speak no need of saying "Uhr". It is pretty common not to say "Uhr". This course is full of sentences that are even more informal of this one, I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing.


Right, but in real life you don't always say "at one o'clock" you often just say "at one".


Is this the actual meaning of the german sentence?

In colloquial english "six groups come at one" could mean six groups are fighting against one (or if anyone knows the internet meme, "come at me bro").


It is the actual meaning, yes.

Edit: Although I have to add, I'm not too happy about duo leaving out 'Uhr' and using a twelve-hour clock. I consider this sentence very colloquial. In most cases I would suggest 'um dreizehn Uhr' for 'um eins'. Might be my upbringing or socialisation only, though.


i thought it meant 'once' in this instance, as in they all turned up at once.


In my experience, while they use a 24 hour clock for writing, they always read it as a 12 hour clock


but EVERY other time DUO has REQUIRED a TIME


I was tyinking more military, like a war games type of thing.


How would I know that "um" translates to "at" in this instance? What prevents it from being "around" or "about"? The first translation given in my Larousse is "autour de" (around).


Because that is what it means. "At about one" would be "Um etwa eins".


But what about translating it as "Six groups come around one"? I tried that translation and it indicated it was wrong.


Has anyone else been having problems with this exercise and time? One time it wants just the number and the next it wants it in 12:00 form.


teehee, sechs gruppen

[deactivated user]

    Six groups arriving at one o'clock.

    That's what I would say. :-)

    I was close though. Constructions with "to arrive" were not accepted. :-)


    Am I the only one who thinks the PP in Gruppen is being pronounced T by Duo? I got the answer right only because I tried to figure out a word that made sense in context and somewhat was close to what Duo was saying.


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    I used 1:00 instead of eins and I got it wrong -.-


    I put in the number 8 and got it right with just a typo. Silly Duolingo.


    Looking at your own answers "um" can mean "at" but also "around". I used the second and it was corrected as being wrong!


    What would be the German translation of "six groups come at once"? (That was my apparently incorrect answer)


    My answer, "Six groups come around one", is correct but was marked wrong. "Um" means (as the possible translations indicated) "around" as well as "at".

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