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"Я хочу мати гарний смак у мистецтві."

Translation:I want to have good taste in art.

August 3, 2015



Can someone explain "мати" here. I thought "мати" meant mother. In this context I think it means "to have."


It happens a lot in English, doesn't it? For example, "can" can mean "to be able to", or it can mean "a tin" - completely unrelated meanings.

In Ukrainian it doesn't happen as much as in English, and the verb "мати" = to have (you guessed it right) has no etymological or any other connection to the noun "мати" = "матір" = mother.


Thank you! This word threw me off, because I haven't seen it any of the other lessons in this section and I've reviewed this section a number of times now. I will commit this word to memory now that I understand how it is used. You are correct, English reuses many words. I have only seen this one other time so far with їм in Ukrainian.


I want to have a good taste in art - not accepted :(


Option added. If you suggested it, you should get a thank you email shortly. :-)

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