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  5. "You are only girls."

"You are only girls."

Translation:Níl ionaibh ach cailíní.

August 3, 2015



I have just had an exercise which said: Níl iontu ach dlíodóirí and Níl ach dlíodóirí iontu are correct translations for : they are only lawyers. But in this sentence I have to put ionaibh between níl and ach. Is there a rule or a time that implicates the word order? Go raibh maith agut


Why can I say "Níl ach dalta inti" but "Níl ach cailíní ionaibh" is marked as wrong?


Most likely because the course creators didn’t anticipate it (or better Níl ionaibh ach cailíní ) as a correct answer — use the Report a Problem button to bring it to their attention when opportunity allows for you.


Go raibh maith agat!


Ionat is that wrong


"girls" is plural - you are addressing more than one person, therefore ionaibh.


I used :

"Nil ach buachailli ionaibh" for You are only boys earlier and was marked correct .

Used the same construction here :

" Nil ach cailini ionaibh" and was marked incorrect.

Any explanation?



Níl ach buachaillí ionaibh was accepted (with a comment of alternative correct answer "níl ionaibh ach buachaillí") if both are good for one, why not the other. Inconsistent!!


Is "Nil ach cainini sibh" wrong?


Yes, Níl ach cailíní sibh is wrong.


why not '' tá sibh ach cailíni''?

[deactivated user]

    That is a literal translation. Irish is not English, it uses different constructions. Tá tú fear is a big no no in Irish. Tá (pronoun) (noun) is incorrect in Irish. The nearest you can get is Tá tú i d'fhear, tá tú i do chailín etc., although it's more common to say Is fear tú, is cailín tú.

    Níl ... ach = except, only. So if you say Tá sibh i bhur gcailíní then you can say Níl ionaibh ach cailíní although I don't think the cailíní would be pleased about it.

    Notice the connection between "i" and "ionaibh", i (sibh) = ionaibh.


    One might expect the use of "ní" here, rather than "níl" as per https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23725733/N%C3%ADl-rogha-agat. What's the logic?


    This is not a copular construction - níl is correct, as the sentence properly uses , not is.

    Compare is múinteoir í to Tá sí ina múinteoir. When you are using the preposition i to describe someone, you don't use the copula.


    Direction say write in Irish but expected answer to be in English so marked mine incorrect>????


    The only people reading Sentence Discussions are other users. If you think that Duolingo is malfunctioning, don't spam the Sentence Discussions. Either post in the Troubleshooting forum (https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647) or submit a Bug Report (https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/sections/200864570-Reporting-Issues) with the requisite evidence.


    Thank you. I was not aware of troubleshooting or bug report links. However I take exception and disagree with "don't spam the Sentence Discussions.". I regard spam as something negative and done on purpose and my comment was neither.


    It looks like spam to me - it doesn't belong in a Sentence Discussion and its presence is negative, digital litter because it was easier for you than investigating the correct way to report an issue.

    A spammer doesn't get to decide whether his messages are spam or not. It's up to the recipient to decide whether a message is spam, not the sender.

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