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"We eten, totdat onze borden leeg zijn."

Translation:We eat until our plates are empty.

August 3, 2015



why we instead of wij ..


If it is a listening exercises only we is accepted here, because of the different pronunciation.


It is not a listening exercise, so the question stands. :)


What kind of exercise did you get? For translation exercises both are accepted. Though to this discussion part is on the Dutch to English and/or listening exercises normally.


For me is listening and always give me as a wrong answer if i write the "e" version instead of the "ij" or vice versa


That's because the pronunciation is different. ;)


When can you use omdat for because when can you use want for because when can you use doordat for because and when can you use aangezien for because.


'omdat' = 'because of reason'
'Hij wil naar huis, omdat hij moe is', 'Omdat hij moe is, wil hij naar huis' - 'He wants to go home, because he is tired'

'doordat' = 'because of cause'
'Hij heeft geen bed, doordat hij geen geld heeft' - 'He has no bed, because he has no money'

'want' = 'omdat' or 'doordat', but it changes the word order and it cannot be used to start a sentence
'Hij wil naar huis, want hij is moe' - 'He wants to go home, because he is tired'
'Hij heeft geen bed want hij heeft geen geld' - 'He has no bed, because he has no money'

'aangezien' = 'formal omdat/doordat'
'Hij wil naar huis, aangezien hij moe is' - 'He wants to go home, because he is tired'
'Hij heeft geen bed, aangezien hij geen geld heeft' - 'He has no bed, because he has no money'

Dutch people do seem to mess up the difference between 'omdat' and 'doordat' a lot, and just use 'omdat' for everything, though.


That was very helpful. Thanks!


really helped a lot. Bedankt!


Why is it "onze borden leeg zijn" and not "onze borden zijn lege"?


Is "We eten, totdat onze borden leeg wordt" an alternative Dutch sentence to convey the same meaning ?


No, you can't use "worden" here.


This is a real Dutch thing to say. I'm actually Afrikaanse and my parents use to say this always.


I used dishes instead of plates because for me they are interchangeable. I'm going to report it to see if it will be accepted....now, the second time around I see it says our plates. Duh!!! So, I guess dishes is right after all? I'll give it a shot.

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