"His well-being is very important."

Translation:Su bienestar es muy importante.

3 years ago



Why not "El bienestar de él es muy importante"

2 years ago


Your response was correct as possession can be described with the possessive pronoun or with the "de + pronoun". I reported it as acceptable.
Duo also believes that bienestar in not masculine.

2 years ago


I wrote the same answer. Because I see you have 3 others giving you a thumbs up, is there someone out there that can explain for us why this is not a suitable translation?

2 years ago


My autocorrect put in "wellbeing" and Duo said that it was correct, but that I had a typo and that it should have been "well-being." I think this one is interchangeable, right?

3 years ago

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This seems to be a country specific issue: http://grammarist.com/spelling/well-being-wellbeing/

Duolingo should accept both, but you may be better off using the hyphen depending on your audience.

3 years ago


Kaminegg, come to think, Duo looks a bit like Yoda in his green outfit! ?YODA the cousin of DUO is ?

1 year ago
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