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"Bhí cúlú in Éirinn agus raibh airgead againn."

Translation:There was a recession in Ireland and we did not have money.

August 3, 2015



Níl airgead agam fós.


Should "there was recession in Ireland and we did not have money" have been accepted?


I think so. Might be a difference in American/British English.


no. in this context a recession is a singular noun and requires the 'a' in front.


Little problem in English! How come you say A recession but peace, war... without an article?


"War" usually takes an article, because it has a defined beginning and end, and you are usually referring to a specific war - "a war" or "the war". You can also refer to it in the plural - "wars". "War" can also be an ongoing state, in which case it can be used without an article. The same is true for "recession" - you can refer to "a recession", to "the recession" or "recessions", and you can pinpoint the beginning and end of "a recession". "peace", on the other hand, is usually the gaps in between wars or other conflicts. We don't refer to the periods between different wars as "peaces", and, while you can refer to a particular period of peace (an ongoing state) as "the peace", it's more likely to be used as an adjective ("peace time").


Cúlú eacnamaíochta, as distinct from any other type of reversal.

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