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  5. "Come vedi la differenza?"

"Come vedi la differenza?"

Translation:How do you see the difference?

October 20, 2013



Why not "how do you tell the difference". Is there an expression in italian for this?


I suppose that it all comes down to memorization, but how do you decide to use "à" at the end of a word, since they sound the same (to me, anyway)?

Is it the letter "T" in front? la qualità, la città, but la differenza?


You don't decide. There's no rule. It's historic and you just have to remember it.


It depends on how you pronounce the word. In italian the word stress is variable (like in english, i.e. in French the stress is fixed), though the accent is only written when the word ends with an accented vowel (this does not work for monosyllabic words). The vowel is pronounced the same way, accented or not, it just changes the word stress.


So then, papa (pope) is pronounced pah-pa, while papà (dad) is pronounced pa-pah. The accent moves the stress to the final syllable.


A question I ask every native speakers.

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