"Вони їдуть на вокзал на маршрутці."

Translation:They are going to the train station by share taxi.

August 3, 2015

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the English translation is unnatural. We say "by bus", "by train", "by x", not "by a bus". The only case where we'd say "by a bus" is if you've been hit by one.


Sometimes they want the article, sometimes they don't.


I am pretty sure that in English "by [some means of transportation]" is a series of expressions that are only used without any article inside. So I think what they have here is a mistake.


I understood that залізничний is railway station and that вокзал is station and not necessarily a railway station- eg a bus station. Furthermore in Britain it is never referred to as a train station but as a railway station. In that case why is 'They are going to the station marked as incorrect?


Just "station" is actually accepted. What was your answer?

There is no one-to-one correspondence between вокзал and different kinds of stations in English. If you want something easy to imagine, think of вокзал as a terminal, i.e. a major railway station with a building, (or the station building itself).



If however, the station is just a platform in the middle of nowhere, it's just a station.


"They go to the train station by city bus"?


The marshrutkas I've seen in Kyiv were more similar to buses (numbered, fixed routes, etc.) than to cabs. But I can't speak for all of Ukraine, and as a foreigner I may be missing important subtleties.

I think in other lessons I've seen it translated as city bus though. So, if you are right, those are the ones that are wrong.


Kyiv's public transportation system is much better than in some other cities. I do not think it has marshrutkas anymore. I believe people call the smaller city buses marshrutkas just out of habit.


No, I went to a small village a couple months ago, they still have them.


на маршрУтці - наголос має робитись на літері "у"


Why present simple is not accepted, only present continuos ? I wrote " they go" and the answer is " they sre going"

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