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  5. "Hun er ikke en gutt."

"Hun er ikke en gutt."

Translation:She is not a boy.

August 3, 2015



Did you just assume her gender?!

[deactivated user]

    No, the woman bot just read a pronoun, a verb, a negation, an indefinite article and a noun which together form a sentence that in turn serves you to better your Norwegian.


    So if it's "hv" or "ha" the "h" is silent? I'm confused. PLZ HELP!


    The "h" is silent in "hv" combinations but pronounced otherwise.


    Gutt göt diye telaffuz ediliyor .d


    Hun kan være gutt.


    She pronounces the n in HUN as "n" but then pronounces the n in EN with a "m" sound. Do I not pronounce it as the n sound in english? I'm so confused!


    What's wrong with duolingo? My answer was good but it said it's wrong...it happened many time with this example

    [deactivated user]

      Pay attention to capitalisation and punctuation as well as spelling the words properly. If Duolingo repeatedly marks your answer as incorrect, report it as a bug.

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