I'm not sure if the reminders are working properly on Duolingo. I forgot to practice and did not get a reminder yesterday, which resulted in a loss of an 88-day streak. I realize the responsibility is my own, but perhaps the kind people at Duolingo could look into the issue so that it is more reliable (or maybe it was just a one-time thing; it's worked well for me in the past)? I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this.

Thank you!

October 20, 2013


We're going to restore your streak! Looks like this was a bug. Thanks for the report!

Also! To clarify how this works: When the lingots and the store were introduced we also modified the way we count streaks. Streaks are no longer language dependent meaning you have a streak for each language and a site streak. The wager is based on your site streak and so is the streak freeze. This is why the global streak remains as is, but the language streak resets. Sorry if it is a bit confusing. We are working on communicating this better to our users.

If a 'streak freeze' is bought does the language streak still reset?

If you did something to restore the streak, it didn't work. Just so you are aware. Either way, hopefully the bug was fixed. Thanks again for your time.

Thank you very much! I don't see the change yet, but I appreciate your generosity in restoring the streak (and in looking into the bug, definitely). :-)

I suggest you transfer this discussion to troubleshooting section where it belongs. Just press edit and then move to troubleshooting.

Thanks; I appreciate the tip.

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