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  5. "Black is not a color."

"Black is not a color."

Translation:Svart er ikke en farge.

August 3, 2015



-What color is your car? -Well... It has no color.


Does that mean black cars are invisible?!


Ok, I wrote Svart er ikke farge and it marked it as wrong and said that I used incorrect word and instead of "ikke" there should be "ingen". I'm fairly sure I haven't come across this word here. But, when I came here to ask about this, the correct translation above is Svart er ikke en farge. I know I forgot about the article, but what is "ingen"?


Hvitt er ikke en farge.


I'm pretty sure it is...


It is, but in the same way that a tomato (or a pepper or squash or other things) is a vegetable. Like, technically they aren't, but they socially and in almost every other circumstance, we just pretend it belongs with the group


Black is a shade, and white is a tint. They aren't considered colours because they occupy the absolute darkest and absolute lightest spot on any colour spectrum :)


But still, even reading your explanation, i ask, if they occupy a certain spot on color spectrum, aren't they colors? I mean there are no animals, things or blessed Virgins on the color spectrum. Only colors... Right?


Black is the absence of color


Black is the absence of light

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