"Ich schreibe perfekt."

Translation:I write perfectly.

October 20, 2013

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Are adjectives and adverbs used interchangeably in German? I ask because "perfekt" appears to mean both "perfect" and "perfectly".


Yes you're right, I have the same problem "I write perfect"should be correct.


Actually, since "I write perfect" is incorrect as an English sentence, it probably shouldn't be counted as correct; just because "perfekt" is both an adjective and an adverb in German doesn't mean that the English word "perfect" can be an adverb.


It would be correct if it was an explanation of what one writes.

What do you write there?

I write (the word): "Perfect".

Of course, that's not how the sentence is structured...So..Yeah.


Having that in my mind, I wrote that too and it says it's wrong

Stupid assumptions


Accepting the differences in another language is not easy. Keep trying. Even native speakers have to remind themselves aboyt exceptions to the rules. We may not be perfect, but we are perfectly able to try.


Why "I write perfect" is wrong over here ?


The word that explains how the verbal action occurs is called an "adverb". So we must transform the adjective "perfect" to the adverb "perfectly". I hope it helps ( I am a beginner in English too...)


You're English is pretty good! You need a/an between called and adverb like ein or eine. An is used if the word starts with a vowel, a is used otherwise. You should use 'to the adverb' instead of 'in adverb' as it's grammatically incorrect as well. Great start!


Explanation like that is very helpful. Thank you!


Yes, that's nice. Please stop bragging.


"I write correctly" - will this be different/ wrong compared to "I write perfectly" ?

It was detected as a wrong answer

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    "I write correctly" would be:

    "Ich schreibe richtig."


    Isn't "-lich" used to add the -ly termination? Shouldn't it be perfektlich?


    I feel bad - I feel sorry/I feel sick.

    I feel badly - The thing that allows me to feel isn't working very well.


    can all adjectives be used interchangeably with (english) adverbs? for example, would 'i read slowly' be translated 'ich lese langsam'? following that, is there a german equivalent to the suffix -ly? (sorry for so many questions in one comment)

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