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Like if you think the Ukrainian courses are AWESOME!

I was really looking forward to learning a language in the cyrllic alphabet like Polish or Russian. But ukrainian has really caught my eye. Who likes it?

August 3, 2015



Polish isn't written in Cyrilic.


I come from a Ukrainian family, but all of my Ukrainian speaking relatives are dead or I've never met them. I went to Ukrainian school as a kid and learned some really basic stuff. What is in the DL course seems to differ from what I learned. Just enough to make me raise my eyebrow...

And by the by, Polish is most definitely does not use the cyrillic alphabet.


I also came from a Ukrainian family, but I always thought I would learn Uki from one of my family members. When I learned there was Uki on Duolingo, I was in shock... a lot.


I really like it. I'm going through the course for a second time in preparation for Russian. It is challenging to use a different alphabet and interesting.


I'm jealous... you have a ton of points!!


I'm learning Ukrainian and Russian at the same time. Almost every phrase in Ukrainian I learn, I try to find the Russian equivalent. I've been using GoSpeaky to find skype partners, and if you're an english speaker, you'll be amazed at how many Russians and Ukrainians will contact you wanting to learn english.


Is learning them both at the same time hard? Because I wanted to learn Russian but I switched over to Ukrainian and now I don't know if I'll do Russian


I've been studying polish on and off for 10 years, and have studied a bit of Serbian/Croatian. So learning Ukrainian and Russian is not as difficult for me. They share many similar vocabularies so it's like learning spanish and italian at the same time. If you don't have experience keeping languages separate, you might mix them up.


I want to learn both, but am focusing on Russian at present. I know I have a tendency to mix words from similar languages, so won't complete the Ukrainian tree until I know Russian much better


I started learning Ukrainian for my cyrillic and now I have to do atleast one lesson a day because it turned out to be a great language! I guess I just learn Ukrainian alongside Russian when the Russian course enters beta.


i like the course, but its hard getting lessons from a computer so im gonna try to get a teacher


Cyrylic writing in Poland? Come on, for the love of..


Me. I love the Ukrainian course too, and wanted to learn Ukrainian for a long time

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