"He lives outside the border."

Translation:Han bor utenfor grensen.

August 3, 2015

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Why do I need to use 'bor' instead of lever?


'Lever' is not used to describe where you live in Norwegian, you have to use 'bor'.


Thank you :)
What would lever be used for?


Could be used in many ways, though I couldn't think of all that many example. I'm not very good with words : )

Lever = liver

Jeg lever = I live

Han lever farlig = he lives dangerously

Hun lever ikke lenger = she's no longer living

Lever du? = are you alive?


So when speaking about how someone lives or the state of their life (whether they're alive or dead) use 'lever' and when talking about the location of where they live use 'bor'?


Outside gives a translation of "ute"but when I use that, it's wrong. Is it actually wrong and should always use "utenfor"?


When "outside" is used as a preposition, it should be translated as "utenfor". When used as an adverb it gets a bit more tricky, with both "utenfor" and "ute" being possible translations.


Does it mean that he lives abroad? Or would it be "Han bor i utlandet"?

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