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  5. "İşim hala bitmedi."

"İşim hala bitmedi."

Translation:My work is not finished yet.

August 3, 2015



why not işim hala bitmedim? why ısnt ıt the same as "my work I have not finished yet". ı see personal tenses duplıcated everywhere why not here. ın englısh we always say "ı have not finished work yet" so ıs the ınterpretatıon wrong ?


There are two different verbs "to finish" in Turkish. The first is seen here: bitmek. It is similar to the verb "to end" or "to be done." There other one, bitirmek, is more like "to cause to be finished" or "to complete." You could say "İşimi hala bitirmedim" and it would mean "I have not finished my work yet." However, that is not what the above sentence says :) "My work has not finished yet" sounds perfect fine to me in English


Basically the second verb I gave is a caustive verb. You cause it to be finished


Thank you for that explanation. It was very helpful for me. But I am still asking me why I can't say "My work has not finished yet" instead of "my work is not finished yet". Is that weired in English language? If not weired, how would I translate this to Turkish?


It would be 'bitirmek' and not 'bittirmek'.


Aw man...thanks. I am not sure what I was thinking there :D


is 'my job has not finished' entirely wrong? might it be because of the passive


There is no passive here. In fact it can be accepted.


I think "My work is still not done." should be accepted.


Should "My work is not yet finished" be added as an acceptable translation?


My work isn't finished yet... more natural?


Sure :) Replaced


In that case, "My work didn't finish yet," should have been accepted as well.

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