"Jen internacia aro de homoj."

Translation:Here is an international group of people.

August 3, 2015

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Kaj ni estas internacia aro de lernantoj

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    Vivu Esperantistoj!


    I'm on my cellphone. When I turn the phone sideways, and the screen turns, the word humanity appears. I don't know if this happens with other questions...


    This is one of the very few occasions where the speaker stresses the wrong syllable: He says "interNACia" instead of "internacIa". Especially if the penultimate syllable is just an "i" followed by a single vokal, it appears to be tempting to stress the third to last syllable, but we are supposed to learn Esperanto here, not Ido.


    I feel that ‘personoj’ would be more appropriate, since ‘human’ is a more literal and specific term, sort a ex.: person/people, human/humans\mankind\humankind distinction. But I’m just ~mid level-advanced beginner and those were just my thoughts


    No, it's a usual word in Esperanto, meaning "people".


    ...and on your right, you'll see their accomplishments and achievements in their combined years in office.


    Cxu oni povas diri "internaciaro"?

    Does "internaciaro" have a specific meaning like "estraro"?

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