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Audio / listening exercises now working in Esperanto course?

For the first time, I finally had some listening exercises come up (audio in Esperanto plays without any text; you must type in the Esperanto phrase you hear), while I was reviewing a lesson I had completed earlier. I'm still using Duolingo on PC, in case that's relevant. Anyone else getting these exercises now too? Or has anyone been getting them for a while?

I'm thrilled to have these working now! I felt like there was a gap in my language-learning experience. This will certainly help with training my ear to hear Esperanto, (in addition to YouTube and Muzaiko!)

August 3, 2015



yeah :) , but I miss the turtle :/ , maybe in the future ...


The language experts tell us that slowing down the speaker (either by asking a human to speak more slowly or slowing a tape) is not beneficial for the learner. You are just learning to understand an artificially slow language that brain-wise, is fundamentally different from the normal-speed language that everyone actually speaks. If you are having a difficult time, getting the speaker to repeat (even if it is four or five times) at their natural pace is the best way to train your brain for natural speech. I believe this is why the turtle was removed.

As adults, we become sore losers and get frustrated when we have to do things over and over again. Most of us would rather have an easier task that we can "win" and feel good about. But often the best strategy is to try and fail over and over. The best learners are children, because they fail at everything over and over but have the energy to keep going.


Yes, some sentences were definitely too fast for most beginners. I had to listen to a very simple sentence 4 or 5 times before actually getting what it said.


Great stuff! I am finding them really hard which I thinks shows I haven't been listening to the words enough at all; so, hard but super helpful!


As cool as I'm sure this is for everyone, I'm wondering if there's a way to disable this feature the same way you can disable microphone input? I have hearing issues that mean I need to see something along with the audio, be it subtitles on a television or lip reading in personal interactions. It's somewhat annoying to me to lose points because my hearing just sucks. I like the audio when they're reading the printed sentence, don't get me wrong on that, but in the general sense of 'decipher these sounds' it's just impossible for me to even approach accuracy.


In account settings there's a "Speaker" setting you can turn off to do precisely that :)

[deactivated user]

    Does that disable it for all languages or just the one you're on?


    Those settings are site-wide so it disables on all languages.


    I love the audio exercises. Mi amas ĝin. It is exactly what I need. I had to play it several times as I was in public transport and the earphones did not fade out the surrounding enough for spoken content but in the end it was fine.


    Mi vere bezonas kelonion! Tio subite fariĝis multe pli malfacila! Sed mi bezonis la aŭskultado praktiko.


    Ya. I've only been getting them for a couple days. It's been quite a humbling experience. I thought I was getting really good at Esperanto, but now I'm having to replay the sound bite a dozen times only to still get it wrong... I dread the day when it asks me to recite lessons through a mic. I'm glad to be stretched, though.


    I think the listening exercises are extremely productive. The mic exercises, on the other hand, seem entirely pointless. When I used them last (admittedly a while ago), you could say virtually anything and it would mark you correct; seemed to be just an excuse to get you to try pronounce it, but lead to a false sense of confidence about your pronunciation that is probably completely unwarranted, especially in languages with a hundred-thousand vowels like French. You are better off just reading all the other exercises aloud to get it under your tongue.


    I just got one too. So exciting! There's no turtle button (I hadn't really expected one), but I'm thrilled to have listening exercises at all.


    I got one on the Android app this morning. :)


    I've been getting them too, really glad to finally have them. I too miss my beloved little turtle button, though in fairness i'm past the point of using it anyway. Now we can really appreciate the awesome voice recordings :D


    I just had some too! Very nice and trickier than I thought it'd be :)

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