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Time management tools.

I was wondering whether there are other people who would be interested in tools for keeping track of their time. At the moment I divide my time between three languages and I use and external website as an alarm clock. I think it would be nice if Duolingo had its own system for tracking time. You could fill in how much time you would like to spend on individual languages depending on your preferences and your available time that day. This system should still allow you to keep studying a language, but it would be nice to get a reminder when you've reached the 30 minutes that you planned to study.

Another reason why I would like to keep track of time is that the current system does not reward you for time spent on failed lessons. You get points for completed lessons and tests, but failed lessons are part of the learning process too. It wouldn't be necessary to give points for failed lessons (that would make it exploitable), I would just like to see the actual time I spent on lessons, tests and practice. The times or scores for languages might then be put together in a graph to compare language progress. Currently when I visit someone's page, I have to click through the individual languages to find out how they spent their time and it would be nice to have a quick overview.

These suggestions aren't very vital as I'm enjoying the website very much as it is. I was just wondering whether there are people who would be interested in similar features.

Edit: I just discovered that you get an overview of skill points when you hover over someone's total score, my bad. It would still be nice to get that in a graph.

December 31, 2012



I like your suggestion. A stopwatch feature would be helpful for those of us who drown in the magic of DuoLingo and wonder where the time has gone. :-)

What would be even more helpful for me, though, would be a goal-tracker that would enable us to plan in what time period we progress to what level.


I wasn't really thinking about addiction, maybe because I started tracking my own time, but I would certainly welcome laws that put stopwatches on sites like youtube. Duolingo might become addicting, but at least you're not wasting time watching video's of cats. My idea was indeed more like a goal tracker, in my case reaching a daily time goal for specific languages. I don't really know what the levels mean, so I would not be as motivated to reach a level, but that is up to the individual user. Something I left out from my original post is the option for Duolingo to give advice on your progress. For instance, increasingly failing tests might trigger a message to spend a little more time. This would be especially useful with multiple languages as you might lose track of your progress.

However, your remark about lost time has made me wary of things that make the website more addicting, so a simple stopwatch might be the best solution. Extra messages might also work averse and turn lessons into chores and that is the last thing we want.

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