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  5. "Eplene er jentas."

"Eplene er jentas."

Translation:The apples are the girl's.

August 3, 2015



'The apple are the girl's ' Sounds really strange to me in English. I think "the girl's apples" should be accepted too


"The apples are the girl's" sounds fine to me in English. Grammatically, it is the same as "the apples are hers." With some difficulty, I can imagine a situation in which the sentence would be used.

Someone asks me, "Can I have one of the apples?"

I answer, "They are not mine. The apples are the girl's. You should find her and ask her if you can have one."


Make sense with one example in one very specific case

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That would not be a good translation as it would not even be a full sentence. "The apples belong to the girl." is also accepted, but it is not the best translation as it is a bit further away from the original in style.


Why does it matter so much what it sounds like in English or whether a person would say this in English or not? You are learning Norwegian here, after all, and I think this sentence is good translation practice.


Many of would prefer to not learn flawed English when using the website, because many of us are not native English speakers. (And even many native speakers make mistakes in their native language.)


Why not "The girl's apples"?


You're missing the verb.


The Apples = the Girls ?


Remember that in Norwegian, they don't add '-s' to make nouns plural. The "-s" is reminiscent of our 'apostrophe-s'. That is a genitive/possessive formation. So no, the apples do not equal the girls.


What about "the apples are owned by the girl"?


That would translate to "Eplene er eid av jenta", and while it does convey the same meaning, it's more detailed and further from the Norwegian sentence in structure. If you got it marked as wrong, that might be why.


What about: Det er jentas epler? Does this work too?


That sounds grammatically correct, but I believe would translate to "These are the girls' apples", which is a little different.


I see where you're coming from, but OP's translation is grammatically incorrect. You would use "De" instead of "Det", because the subject is plural. Saying "Det er jentas epler" is like saying "That is the girl's apples".


The best translation would be 'The apples belong to the girl'


idk wouldn't that translate rather to 'eplene tilhorer til jenta'?


Translations are not one-to-one; so it is possible that both of your claims are true at the same time.


Yes, I agree with you.


Would "Eplene tilhorer jenten" work ?

The English translation sounds strange.

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