"Ĉe la fino, ni komune kantis."

Translation:At the end, we sang together.

August 3, 2015



would "ĉe la fino ni kune kantis" have a different sense?

August 3, 2015


It's very similar.

Ni kune kantis = we sang together

Ni komune kantis = we sang as a group

"kune" is a bit simpler, a bit like being next to each other, and "komune" more about the feeling of being parts of a greater whole.

August 4, 2015


its got more of a sense of community..we sang as one...we sang communally?

August 4, 2015


Yes "communially" I believe is now accepted.

September 11, 2015


sung vs sang

to me the distinctions unclear

been speaking english "for days"

but now im struck with great fear

if i need to translate a phrase

seems i need a dictionary at hand

and edit it twice for the program to understand

if understanding is key

which i think chompsky would say

then quit being a pain in my knee

you obviously programmed it that way

December 29, 2015


Ĉu mi kantos ĉe la fino de ĉi tiu kurso? Eble, eble.

January 3, 2016
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