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  5. "Ela não gosta de futebol."

"Ela não gosta de futebol."

Translation:She does not like soccer.

October 20, 2013



I put down she does not like football as an answer and it was rejected. I'm from the UK and we don't generally refer to football as soccer which is more an American thing. Details like this make duolingo highly frustrating at times especially as the word football was accepted in a previous answer.


report it and help others avoid frustration


I would if I knew where on the website to report such matters Paulenrique. Could you point me in the right direction por favor.


After you send your answer and get it wrong, a green button will appear down the page stating "Report a problem". There are many options there, including your own space to notify any other odd thing you may find! This way, the team gets your suggestion and soon you'll receive an email letting you know the solution you submitted was accepted! =)


For several months I have not been getting any replies back from my suggestions. Am wondering if they are still doing that.


Several months? I have seen cases with more than 3 years without change. Unfortunately there is more inobility of you to finish the course in the duolingo before your suggestions are met.


How do you differ both sports?

  • The one played with hands where everyone seems interested in beating their enemies to the grond
  • The one played with feet where people shouldn't touch each other


futebol vs. futebol americano


Agree! Both should be accepted


Sometimes I don't like!


And she's in Brazil? She's gonna have a bad time...

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