"Ŝia kuko estis aparte bongusta."

Translation:Her cake was especially delicious.

August 4, 2015

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Okay, note to self, if you mistype her cake autocorrect might change it to beefcake. Which is definitely wrong... ty autocorrect...


Why not precipe bongusta ?


That sounds like "Her cake was mostly delicious (but some parts of it were very weird)", or perhaps "The most outstanding quality of the cake was that it was delicious, but there were other attributes that I am not mentioning."

Here, you are not comparing the taste of the cake to its other qualities, you are comparing this cake's taste to all other cakes or all other foods and saying that this cake was outstanding in its tastiness.


What about ”her cake was especially good"?


Sankta fek'!"I almost mishead "kuko" with "koko" :,((

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