"Eu não sei escrever cartas."

Translation:I do not know how to write letters.

October 20, 2013

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I was just wondering why the word ¨como¨as in ¨(how) to write letters¨ isn´t used?


yes, both should be accepted!


Interesting question. Your version and the translation have the same meaning but, in my opinion, "não sei escrever cartas" is more straightforward, as in "não sei escrever cartas, nem estou minimamente interessado em aprender (I couldn't care less about learning to write letters, that's it)!", while "não sei como..." makes me believe that the person wants to write letters, but does not know where to start, or doesn't have enough "sensibility" to do so. Could be a subtle way of asking how to do it, but that's just what I think.


eu não sei escrever cartas is just an information; eu não sei como escrever cartas = I don't know the process, the structure, the steps, the formulas...


"I cannot write letters because I do not understand the process well enough" is the only meaning of the English sentence "I don't know how to write letters", so I'm not sure that I understand what distinction you're trying to make.


Welcome to Latin languages. You are also learning french, it is also optional


Reported for not accepting the literal translation.


Does the verb "saber" also mean "can (do smth.)"? Or only "poder" does?


Saber = ability. I can cook = eu sei cozinhar

Poder = permission. Can I open the door? = Posso abrir a porta?


So, the translation "I can't write letters" is correct and should be accepted? And another question, then: does the sentence "Eu posso escrever as cartas." have any sense? For example, as the answer to the question: Como vamos felicitar os nossos collegas do Brazil? Or smth. like that:))


Yes... both of them are right!.... good Portuguese! =) (colegas*)


Muitíssimo obriagdo pela resposta rápida e útil, como sempre!!! E pelo elogio também!))


Sem problemas! Você merece! =)


*Elogio, muitíssimo (there is an acute accent on the second i)


Fixed, thanks!))


It isn't necessary to write "how", it needs to correct


The sentences "I do not know to write letters" and "I do not know how to write letters" have very different meanings, so I am not sure what you mean.


I eat: eu como; you eat: voce come; we eat: nos comemos; they/he/she eats: eles/ele/ela comem. 'I' has an 'o'(at the end), 'you' has an 'e', 'we' has a 'mos', he/she/it has a 'm', and 'to' (do something) has a 'r'. If you're confused this will definitely help.


I all other exercises nao saber has been translated to "cannot" And this time the is not accepted And we need to use "do not know"

DL Please stop this nonsense with random picking one of two possibilities

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