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Pronunciation of ä in Hähnchen and Mädchen

I have a question that I would like to check with native speakers. The computer voice seems to pronounce ä the same in Hähnchen and Mädchen, but I thought they were pronounced differently. Hähn would sound somewhat like the English "hen", while Mäd sounds somewhat like "maid" (I'm not English btw, I used these words as an example)

Could someone check the pronunciation for me, I don't want (people) to learn the wrong pronunciation.

December 31, 2012

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They can be pronounced the same but sound differently depending on the speaker's origin, dialect. For instance, some speaker may choose to prolong the umlaut in one word more than in the other ("Häähnchen").

The umlaut pronunciation becomes critical if "ß" and "ss" are involved. "mit Küssen" (with kisses) and "mit Füßen" (with feet). "ss" makes the ü shorter and ß makes it longer.

And I am glad to hear that the computer is offering a consistent pronunciation.

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