"Mi duŝos min."

Translation:I will take a shower.

August 4, 2015

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Tiu estas bona ideo, post la leciono.


Ne, mi intincis tiun duŝon, la mian. La specifa duŝujo apud mia ĉambro. Tio estas uzata por la via duŝujo :D


Which of those are are correct for "I take a shower"? -Mi dusxas min -Mi dusxas -Mi dusxigxas

I have the same the same question about "bani" and "razi", (which of those for those forms are correct for "I take a bath" and "I shave")


Generally Mi duŝas min is considered correct. Mi duŝas with no object can just mean that you are spraying water around. I don't like to think about the special effects needed to duŝiĝi but they would be messy.

Similarly with Mi banas min and Mi razas mian vizaĝon (or Mi razas min if you assume people will know what you are shaving.)

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