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  5. "Sie sucht das Öl."

"Sie sucht das Öl."

Translation:She is searching for the oil.

October 20, 2013



Could this also mean she searches the oil (as in "she searches the oil for her lost bracelet)?


No, that would be "Sie durchsucht das Öl".

  • to search for something = etwas suchen / nach etwas suchen

  • to search something = etwas durchsuchen


I do not understand the difference between search for and simply search. For me was the same think. Can someone give an example or a little explanation?


If she does not know where the oil is, she searches for the oil. If she thinks the oil might be in the room, she searches the room. You can combine the ideas together to say, "She searches the room for the oil." The room is where she is looking, and the oil is what she hopes to find. You can also just say, "she searches" and not specify what or where.

So "she searches the oil" might be said if she thinks that something she lost might be in the oil. Like a bracelet, as ryan5 suggested. I hope that makes things clearer. (That's the difference in the English. I don't know if that is precisely the same as the difference between "durchsuchen" and "suchen" or not, unfortunately.)


Could this mean that "She is searching for oil(in general)" or does the "das Öl" mean that she is looking for some oil in particular?


It's the latter.


Looking for and searching for are the same.

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