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  5. "Today it is Thursday."

"Today it is Thursday."

Translation:I dag er det torsdag.

August 4, 2015



Could one also say "I dag er torsdag" ("Today is thursday")? For me as a native german speaker this made absolute sense somehow but ofcourse it was marked wrong, being not quite accurate for translation here... ;-)


You can't say "I dag er torsdag". As a native Norwegian, I hear that "det" is missing.


Thank you for the clarification :-)


Bare hyggelig :)


As a native English speaker who has also studied German, I thought exactly the same thing! I guess it's just a matter of understanding the rules and then repetition, repetition, repetition until it sounds natural.


This is probably just me being dumb, but why is it er det instead of det er?

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In Norwegian there is a thing called inversion, where the subject and verb change places. This often happens when you put a word other than the subject first in the sentence. So it is: "Det er torsdag i dag.", but "I dag er det torsdag.".


The verb must be in the second position, even if you put something other than the subject in front of it


Is "det ET" a spelling mistake to make it the wrong answer?


Is it wrong to say "I dag det er torsdag" ? If so, why is the inversion necessary in this case but not in others?


that's what I said too. It's hard to keep all these switches straight!


I dag takes up the first position of the sentence as an introductory phrase. The verb must be in the second. 1 i dag 2 er 3 det 4 torsdag: I dag er det torsdag.

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