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"Bunlar küçük ve şunlar büyük."

Translation:These are small and those are big.

August 4, 2015



The stress and rhyme in this sentence is so nice on the ear! BunLAR küçük ve şunLAR büyük.


Except that the sound is so bad for this sentence that "büyük" sounds nothing like it does on translation sites with audio. The y is quite strong on those, almost missing here. It's holding me back. Are Duolingo going to fix it?


Is "are" implied in the sentence? or would it also be correct just to translate as "these small and those big"?


Yes, "are" is implied.

Turkish generally doesn't put "is" or "are" into sentences in the present tense.

O bir kadın = She (is) a woman. O büyük = She (is) big. Onlar yorgun = They (are) tired.

"These small and those big." is not an entire sentence in English.


But couldn't this sentence also be translated by these small ones and those big ones?

[deactivated user]

    " These small and those big" would work in English colloquially if two people were discussing the same known thing. Like for example buying something. The seller could say whilst pointing or showing to the buyer " these small, those big" but generaly they would put in 2 ares "these are small, those are big"


    That sounds like Tarzan language to me, like you might use when speaking to a foreigner, rather than two competent native English speakers conversing amongst themselves.

    On the other hand, dialects do the darndest things....


    I agree with mizinamo here. We try to stick to Standard American and Oxford English in the course. Both of these dictate that you must include "ones" after it.

    Regardless, that would not be the translation of this sentence. That would be "bu küçüler ve şu büyükler." :)

    [deactivated user]

      Yes you are right. I was just showing how in fast paced Metropolitan areas like for example london. People rush everything including speech and things do sometimes get reduced to the minimum. I have heard people say "coming" = "are you coming". Here ="over here" = " come over here" = "here it is" dependent on the context and situation. Even Turkish people say "git" or"git, git,git" or "gel" or "gel gel gel" to their kids, same as London parents say "come" "come come" or "go" go go" to kids.


      My gf tells me (she's turkish) that my pronouncing is on par, yet Duo tell me I did it wrong. If you cant implement correct "listening software", dont include it. Aftet this, I disabled it, with NO intention to out it back on.


      what`s the diffrence between bunlar and sunlar??


      from my understanding, bunlar = these (near speaker), sunlar (farther away from speaker), and I have no idea if Turkish has an equivalent to aquel in Spanish which means very far away


      Yep...that would be "onlar" :)


      These and those is totally different because These will come with "is". Those will come with "are"


      That is not correct. "These" and "those" are both plural.

      The singular forms are "this" and "that", respectively.

      "This is a duck. These are ducks. That is a horse. Those are horses."


      Duolingo pls help me. This is so difficult for me


      My answer is correct but duo do not typing


      Does anybody know why any of my ponounciation are not true?

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