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"Bunlar küçük ve şunlar büyük."

Translation:These are small and those are big.

August 4, 2015



The stress and rhyme in this sentence is so nice on the ear! BunLAR küçük ve şunLAR büyük.


Except that the sound is so bad for this sentence that "büyük" sounds nothing like it does on translation sites with audio. The y is quite strong on those, almost missing here. It's holding me back. Are Duolingo going to fix it?


Hello everybody how's your Turkish going


Is "are" implied in the sentence? or would it also be correct just to translate as "these small and those big"?


Yes, "are" is implied.

Turkish generally doesn't put "is" or "are" into sentences in the present tense.

O bir kadın = She (is) a woman. O büyük = She (is) big. Onlar yorgun = They (are) tired.

"These small and those big." is not an entire sentence in English.


But couldn't this sentence also be translated by these small ones and those big ones?


For some reasionn i got it wrong..... Well i was doing it while i just woke up


What the heck hell i wrote same translation 'these are small those are big' but i didn't add 'and' between it and they considered my sentence wrote even you guys don't add 'and' between this sentence so may i consider it as you are teaching me wrong just because u didnt added 'and' but comma between the sentence i am aiming to get first position and different kind of nonscense is happening i dont wanna say harsh eords but i think i might soon block this app and start learning from youtube!


Its a nice app they are teaching you perfectly Teşekkürler


Bunlar ve şunlar Confused me


I dont get about the diffrence in 'bunlar' 'şunlar' and 'şu 'bu' its kinda the same-?


The -lar at the end makes the words plural. In Turkish, lar and ler are added at the end of the word to make it plural, in this example, the letter 'n' is added to make it easier to say I believe. 'bu' is 'this', 'bunlar' is 'these', 'şu' is 'that', 'şunlar' is 'those'.


I am bit confuse in those and these


My gf tells me (she's turkish) that my pronouncing is on par, yet Duo tell me I did it wrong. If you cant implement correct "listening software", dont include it. Aftet this, I disabled it, with NO intention to out it back on.


I must ti read turkish not english, I checked on purpose.


what`s the diffrence between bunlar and sunlar??


from my understanding, bunlar = these (near speaker), sunlar (farther away from speaker), and I have no idea if Turkish has an equivalent to aquel in Spanish which means very far away


'Are' mention only one time


Can't we use large instead of big for "büyük"


i used "huge" instead of "big". and duo says this is wrong. i think this is because i used 'small' in the first part. annoying.


i used "huge" instead of "big". and duo says this is wrong.

Well, "huge" doesn't mean the same thing as "big".

You would surely also get marked wrong if you used "tiny" instead of "small".


but 'huge' was a suggestion from duo.


Oh dear :(

(The hints are not "suggestions" -- but I still find it unfortunate to have that translation there.)


Thank you. I did not understand them only as hints until now. ;) i am no pro in duo or learning languages in general. and on top i am not a native speaker in english.


My Turkish accent is doing great thanks to DUO


Reminds me of Father Ted explaining to Dougal the difference between a small toy cow & real cow in a distant field


I wrote it right and it gave me that it is wrong??

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