"У вас є каша з м'ясом?"

Translation:Do you have porridge with meat?

August 4, 2015

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Porridge with meat? Seeing the context in which каша appears in this course (каша з м'ясом, каша і риба etc.), I think the English word for каша in this case is groats (or just kasha). Porridge is a sweet dish made of cereal and milk/water.


I don't know whether you have been in ukrainian or not, but they use oat meal to cook porridge ( they add vegetables, meat, butter etc. ). So don't be surprised :D


What do you think about removing "porridge" from the default displayed translation and replacing it with simply "kasha"? Alternative translations would be "porridge", "cereal", "groats" and "grains".

Any suggestions?

I left a comment below with some photos and more explanations. Thanks!


I would think that berries would sound better in this particular dish...but, when in Rome!? (or Київ).


Some clarification with images.

Каша is a type of porridge, however, the word porridge is most commonly used to describe a sweet dish eaten for breakfast. I am considering to remove "porridge" from the default displayed translation and replace it with simply "kasha". Alternative translations would be "porridge", "cereal", "groats" and "grains".

I wish this word was never introduced in the course. If the learner lives in Ukraine, they have probably encountered каша and know what it is, they can learn this word on their own from friends, environment, the Internet etc. If the learner does not live in Ukraine, they have no clue what we're talking about, AND they don't need this word. It's very confusing and unnecessary.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Here are some photos to clarify what каша з м'ясом is:

For example, buckwheat

or barley


I know I'm late to the game, but I definitely think translating каша as "kasha" is preferable to translating it as "porridge," unless it is referring to a hot breakfast cereal. In the notes, we can learn that in Ukrainian, каша does not just mean buckwheat groats but refers to any grain. English dictionaries list the oldest definition first, not the most common usage, so maybe hundreds of years ago, "porridge" was any mushy dish cooked with water or milk. Most English speakers nowadays think of it as a breakfast food, more likely sweetened than with meat. For me, it's easier to wrap my head around barley or another grain being referred to as "kasha" than picturing breakfast porridge with chunks of meat in it.


Couldn't this be: "Do you have a porridge with meat?"


No man, porridge is not countable :) therefore you can not use article "a"


So for the Singular Neuter Noun in Instrumental case that ends in –o: you have to add з before thw noun and add –м after the –o?


Thus M'ясо тurns to 'з м'ясом?


C'mon Duolingo, kasha is NOT porridge in this case. It would probably be grechka, which is buckwheat. I guess you might say gruel or cereal.

Kasha can be porridge, semolina, buckwheat, and any other type of mush. That's pretty much what kasha means: mush.

People are just not likely to eat porridge with meat.


Cereal with meat ? Nonsense. Any boiled grain is called kasha. Rice kasha, millet kasha, buckwheat kasha, etc. Even porridge is kasha. Kasha can be with milk, with meat, with butter, with jam, and what not ! But cereal with meat ? For perverted taste only !

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