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"A ministra encontrará um grupo de estudantes."

Translation:The minister will find a group of students.

October 20, 2013



It should be "meet" and not "find"


Yeah, "meet" was accepted, but I'm surprised that "find" is the preferred / main / given translation here, that seemed a little weird.


"Meet" was not accepted in my case......strange!


Unless they were lost!

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it should be "meet'.


    I think that with meet would be "a ministra se encontrará COM um grupo de estudantes" Because nós nos encontramos com alguém, if you mean encontrar as in meet. We do have only "encontrar alguém" but as in I if you cross paths and see someone you know on the street, you can say "(Eu) encontrei o João na rua" or "encontrei com o João na rua" The phrase as is I think as in the context: The minister needs a group of students for something, still doesn't have it and someone is saying "Oh, she will find one"


    So what would be "student group" versus a "group of students" in Portuguese? um grupo dos estudantes? Because in English I wouldn't think of the phrases as different.


    "student group" can be "grupo estudantil", but it also has the same meaning.


    Maybe it was a publicity stunt to of the minister to help search a piece of the forest for a group of lost students... though I'd prefer the "meet with" option. Seems more likely.

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