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Georgian lesson: Time: Verb series and screeves

Today we'll talk about verb series and screeves. This is a very complex and hard grammar, even some Georgians sometimes mess it, but without knowing these series and screeves, you won't be able to determine verbs' time.

There exist 3 series and 11 verb screeves in Georgian, and each of them has its own question. We usually remember them by questions. Here they are:

I Series:

Present Subseries:

1)Present Indicative: რას შვრება? (Ras shvreba?)-What is he/she doing? აკეთებს (Ak'etebs)-He/she is doing/making (Present tense)

2)Imperfect: რას შვრებოდა? (Ras shvreboda?)-What was he/she doing? აკეთებდა (Ak'etebda)-He/she was doing/making (Past tense, although in Present Subseries)

3)Present Subjunctive: რას შვრებოდეს? (Ras shvrebodes?)-What he/she should/could be doing? აკეთებდეს (Ak'etebdes)-he/she should/could be doing/making (Present: At the moment unreal)

Future Subseries:

4) Future Indicative: რას იზამს (Ras izams?)-What will he/she do? გააკეთებს (Gaak'etebs)-He/she will do/make (Future tense)

5)Conditional: რას იზამდა? (Ras izamda?)-What would he/she do? გააკეთებდა (Gaak'etebda)-he would do/make (Future: unrealizable)

6)Future Subjunctive: რას იზამდეს? (Ras izamdes?)-What would he/she do? გააკეთებდეს (Gaak'etebdes)-Only if he would do/make (Future+Present: Wish)

II Series:

7) Aorist Indicative: რა ქნა? (Ra qna?)-What did he/she do? გააკეთა (Gaak'eta)-he/she did/made (Past simple tense)

8) Optative: რა ქნას? (Ra qnas?)-What should he/she do? გააკეთოს (Gaak'etos)-He/she should do/make (Future: wish or demand)

III Series:

9)Perfect: რა უქნია? (Ra uqnia?)-What has he/she done? გაუკეთებია (Gauk'etebia)-He/she has done/made (Past tense)

10)Pluperfect: რა ექნა? (Ra eqna?)-What should he/she have done? გაეკეთებინა (Gaek'etebina)-He/she should have done/made (Past tense)

11)Perfect Subjunctive: რა ექნას? (Ra eqnas?)-What should he/she have done? გაეკეთებინოს (Gaek'etebinos)-He/she should have done/made (Past+Future: Wish)

I brought this topic up because next time we will learn all these verb series and screeves separately, so you should know all of them together first, then to understand each of them well. This is the hardest part of Georgian language, but count that if you don't know this, you won't be able to use future, present and past tenses properly. But please don't get discouraged, when we dig deeper in this topic you will understand that in fact it's not that hard as it seems.

Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading :)

Link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

August 4, 2015


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